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Finerday is easy to use for all ages and is safe for grandchildren and grandparents. Connect and share messages, photos, memories, websites and more ...


Nominet Internet Awards reveal the best of the UK’s online initiatives


Protecting users from crimes & threats – Runner Up Award: FinerDay, – 12 July 2012


“FinerDay, a free, secure, online, closed, social network, allows the older generation, those who are less technically aware, or those that have special needs to stay connected to family, carers, healthcare professionals and the community on a trusted platform.”


Lancashire offers social networking lessons


“We offer bite size classes for absolute beginners about everything from simply emailing to setting up an account on a social network such as Facebook, Finerday, Google+ or Twitter.”


Benetas Healthcare using FinerDay in Australia


“It’s a great way for our residents to stay connected with family and friends. We give residents all the training and support they need to learn how to use it.”


Click here to view full PDF article finalists for the 2012 Medilink Healthcare Innovation Awards


innovation   outstanding


FinerDay has been shortlisted as finalists for the Medilink Innovation Business Awards 2012 which will be held in May.


FinerDay has been shortlisted for two awards: Innovation and Outstanding Achievement


Race Online shout about FinerDay’s Yesterday


“We always love to shout about tools that Digital Champions can use to aid them with their work. So we are pleased that the good folks from, the free, easy to use email and social networking platform (, have released a new free site containing great nostalgic films, news and music to share with older family and friends
From Glenn Miller to Steptoe and Son ....”


Race Online Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox Visits Aire View


Avery is committed to leading change within the care industry and getting all residents online is a top priority. Having commissioned to pilot the scheme earlier this year at several of its homes ... was developed by Lilla Harris, who has herself managed a care home and understands more than most.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Avery embraces digital technology for its residents


Avery Lodge in Grantham has recently helped to pioneer a new digital platform called that has been developed to assist elderly people in accessing the kind of communication services on-line that most of us take for granted.


Online Social Support for Lung Cancer Patients


The University of Manchester WEL and the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work are pleased to announce the success of the EPSRC Windfall grant, ‘Online Social Support for Lung Cancer Patients’.


The project, running in partnership with Intel and Finerday, will be investigating the feasibility of providing low cost, personalised social and healthcare support to people with lung cancer.


Nursing Times - 'What is great is that relatives can see what the resident got up to at the home's fete'


That eureka moment led her to want to start a social network just for older people, and the concept of was born.


The trial with residents was a success, with relatives surprised that no one had thought of it before. It has also been a critical success. It won most exciting newcomer at the Nominet Awards 2011, scooped a UK IT Industry Award 2010 and is a finalist for the community project of the year in the 2011 UK IT Industry Awards.


Campaign to End Loneliness - Connecting the Generations Online


Howard Bashford from Finerday explains the inspiration behind his work and the benefits of simple strategies to keep people across all generations connected. releases Our Yesterday - a new reminiscence and nostalgia site releases a new free site providing interesting and stimulating content for reminiscence, nostalgia and memories -

Designed from research, experience and trials around engagement and reminiscence. It is free and can be used in personal and group sessions both at home and in care homes and housing schemes - supporting the older person and their formal and informal carers. Our Yesterday provides a bi-weekly printable newsletter, a weekly quiz and much needed content and ideas for care staff  ... 

"Care homes should be places of safety, warmth, activity and happiness"  Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director, Age UK and Go ON Adopt are announced Finalists in the UK IT Industry Awards 2011



Finerday and Go ON Adopt have been shortlisted for the "Community Project of the Year" in the UK IT Industry Awards 2011.


The annual Awards are the benchmark for excellence throughout the computer industry. They focus on the contribution of individuals, projects, organisations and technologies that have excelled in the use, development and deployment of IT in the past 12 months.


Awarded Most Exciting Newcomer, Nominet Awards 2011 and Go ON Adopt are announced Exciting Newcomer at the Nominet Awards 2011 for Building a Networked Nation. has now won:
Most Exiting Newcomer, Nominet Awards 2011, Building a Networked Nation
Winner, UK ISPA Awards 2011
Winner, UK IT Industry Awards 2010


Go ON Adopt ( wins the Internet Service Providers Association Awards 2011



Go ON Adopt wins the UK ISPA Awards 2011 for Digital Inclusion.


The Race Online 2012 judges felt that Go On Adopt a Care Home were the worthy winners as it is a great example of community collaboration to help get the most difficult to reach people online for the first time with a sustainable model. The judges further felt that it helps to develop intergenerational relationships, reduce isolation for older people and improve their quality of life through the internet.


Go ON Adopt is shortlisted for the Nominet Internet Awards 2011


Go ON Adopt (and Finerday) has been shortlisted for Nominet Internet Awards which recognise achievements of organisations and individuals who lead the way to make the internet a more inclusive, enjoyable and safer space for everyone.


Go ON Adopt a Care Home and have been shortlisted in the “Building a networked nation” category.


Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet says: "Each year we are impressed by the variety of ways the British businesses, charities and individuals continue to innovate to make the Internet a safe, accessible and helpful place for us all.  The Internet has the power to have a positive impact on society and these shortlisted entries represent a small, shining proportion of the phenomenal work taking place in the UK."


Martha Lane Fox & at the National Digital Conference, ND11


Scouts from Carreg Las Explorer Scouts Pembrokeshire and Sylvia, a resident, from Avery Lodge Residential Home Lincolnshire, showing Martha Lane Fox Go ON Adopt a Care Home and at ND11.


Finerday and Go ON Adopt a Care Home are announced finalists in the ISPA Awards 2011


Both and Go ON Adopt a Care Home have been separately shortlisted in the final six for the Internet Service Providers Association Awards 2011. The awards ceremony will take place on the 7th July.


THE SENIOR newspaper, Australia, May 2011


Australian Seniors Computer Club president Nan Bosler is a fan of Finerday.
"I love the way users can send and receive email between their nominated family and friends knowing they are totally secure," Nan said. "The external email facility that has now been added allows Finerday users full access from this user-freindly, free service to anyone with an email address." 


The Edge


by John Coulthard on April 19, 2011, Head of Healthcare Team, Microsoft


No not the guitarist. It is the place that stuff is getting done these days. Don’t wait around for someone in a position of authority to say it’s OK, don’t ask for permission, perhaps you can seek forgiveness.. just get on with it.

Follow people like Howard Bashford and Lilla Harris bringing us finerday ....... 


Mr Ed Vaizey MP welcomes the GO ON Adopt initiative


“I’m delighted to welcome the launch of the GO ON Adopt initiative. This new scheme will encourage schools in the UK to adopt a local care home or sheltered housing scheme, to help older and disabled residents to go online. Connecting schools, young people, businesses and volunteers will help create a sustainable, Big Society initiative which will reduce isolation for older people and improve their quality of life.”


 Mr Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries


Computers made easy in Sydney  -  NSW Seniors Week Training Courses are being held by ASSCA in Sydney, 22nd and 24th March 2011:


“How to use Social Networking
Facebook sceptic? FinerDay Social Network is an alternative to Facebook. It’s senior-friendly and is great for keeping in touch with friends and family located near and far.” releases a new registration system for tutors and trainers has released a new registration system which helps trainers to set up new users to the internet. It simply and quickly helps to get them started online.


Previously FinerDay relied on an experienced user (with an email address) to start the secure family and friends community or network. Now a trainer or tutor can easily get someone started online even if they do not have an existing email address.


The new registration is designed help organisations such as GO ON Adopt a Care Home, Race Online 2012, NIACE, Get Digital and the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association. supports GO ON Adopt a Care Home


The inspiration of Lilla Harris, former nurse and care home manager and founder of the award winning , Go ON Adopt is encouraging every school in the UK to “adopt” a local care home or sheltered housing scheme, to help engage residents in the wonderful world of the web.  For Lilla, it’s the logical next step after Finerday, which she developed after witnessing the dwindling number of letters and photos older people received.  She realised that “the world was moving online and leaving older people more and more isolated.” launches the first External Email designed to work on the TV has launched the World’s first external email system designed to work on the TV. Using larger brighter icons, FinerDay External Email looks great and is easy to use on your TV set. is trialling TV net top computers with Intel in the UK. Using the TV to go online can often be less a less daunting than using a conventional computer for the less technically aware. FinerDay members now have the choice to use secure internal messaging or a full external email system.


Google supports to help teach older people how to use their products


Google supports to help older people and the less technically aware to use their products. The "Me" section contains links, instructional videos and examples for Google Search, Video, News, Maps and Street View.


The examples help you take a stroll around Kew Gardens or the ruins of Pompei and more .....


FinerDay thanks Google for its support. on the ITV News


Finerday was recently featured on UK ITV News. The video shows a grandmother and her grandson using to share messages and photos.



"Thank you for the photographs ..."


"Thank You for the photographs greeting us as finerday appears. It does give lonely person the warm feeling that there are people close to them, old age and left alone results in much loneliness. I am sure that this computer will make up knowing there are people out there who do care. On behalf of many people in my position thank you for all the understanding and the improvement to our lives."


Jean, user, aged 85


" Why on earth ..."


“why on earth was something so blindingly obvious not developed before?”


Vic Keegan, The Guardian


"A great world class product ..."


"A while back I was delighted to see on Netscape on TV an utterly innovative web site being featured as a significant site for older and vulnerable people to easily and intuitively use for communication. Having provided support to older people for Age Concern London (now Age UK). I knew that a radical new approach to communications and computing is and was needed for older and other vulnerable people.

Since then I have become involved with and use it all the time in my own efforts to help the vulnerable and challenged go on line as it’s just a great world class product!

May I utterly recommend this product and the people behind it to you!"

Andrew Tollett,   My Total Computing Project


Race Online 2012 article on and the UK IT Industry Awards


“The UK IT Industry have announced the finalists for their 2010 awards and we’re very much looking forward to what is sure to be the highlight of the evening, the Race Online 2010 Digital Inclusion Award.

In the interests of impartiality, we’ll be taking a closer look at each project over the next few weeks in the lead up to judging day on 1st October. First up,


Finerday IT Awards, Mobilelite Limited,
is shortlisted as a finalist for the 2010 UK IT Industry Awards, Mobilelite Limited is shortlisted as a finalist. The full list of finalists can be found at:


Accessibility through the ages


Kirsten Disse Blog:


The lesson here? Design for the elderly has the potential to reach a much wider audience. And for all of us, simplicity and elegance are key. Good user design is good user design, however old we are.

Social media site Finerday  is a good example of accessible design and supports email, photo sharing and online calendars


Finerday presents to the ASCCA at Australia Seniors Week 2010


The Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association kindly invited Mobilelite to present at their Seniors Week Seminar on Social Networking in Sydney.

"Howard showed us how far this project has already progressed and gave us "sneak previews" of some of the refinements to come to make this program one that will have great appeal and ease of use for seniors and families."


Ideaworks for Healthcare


Howard Bashford, CEO,, talks at the Ideaworks International Healthcare Conference ....


'fun for the whole family ....'


The good folk at have created a social networking site that is not specifically catered to Gen X and Y. There is no mention of Poking, Tagging, Twitpiccing or any of the other nonsensical jargon that these sites have managed to carry into the modern day lexicon, instead what has done is created an easy to use site that is fun for the whole family.


The major benefit of Finer Day is its simplicity. It subtracts flashy graphics and complicated hyperlinks for large text, easy to follow buttons and a basic outline. Instead of just social events, pictures and joke groups, has included an online diary, links to online shopping, games, and a homepage that has further links to news, travel and many more of your favourite websites. It’s a breeze to set up and within hours you could wonder how you ever lived without it.


'Finerday now in Australian joint venture ....'


Informedica and Finerday now in joint venture. Secure Web platform for family and healthcare


One of the most interesting ....'


One of the most interesting, Finerday, triggering the question - why on earth was something so blindingly obvious not developed before?


Vic Keegan, Guardian


Finerday on the BBC


Finerday supports separated families


Quick View

Finerday is a free web service designed to help families keep in touch... Finerday are also keen to get feedback from FNF members and their...


Finerday sponsors the Westminster Paper


Lilla Harris,, sponsors the Westminster Paper in support of Grandparents Rights


Finerday supports Grandparents Rights with leading charity, 
Families Need Fathers


The  launch and 'Beyond the Nuclear: Including the Wider Family'  are sponsored and supported by Finerday, a unique online service designed to keep families in touch, with a particular focus on being easy and safe for older and younger users


'Finerday could be onto a winner ....'


A recent Mintel report shows that the number of 55 - 64 year-olds using the internet has grown to 66% over the past five years, so Finerday could be onto a winner.


Fear of


Incredibly difficult for people to empathize with me, however I am incredibly afraid of,, and the hundreds other social networks.

I am afraid I will have a never-ending stream of notifications. I joined you and they send me too many notification, and people want to be friends, write me personal messages, and other nice things. I have to spend hours trying to learn the site just to configure the thing correctly

The one I chose was called Finerday (at It appears to be a relatively new site and says it is adding more features. I am enjoying it and have added my children, who have added their friends as it is not an open networking site. I'm looking forward to their next features.


Finerday joins Australian healthcare study


Interesting study. Finerday is also involved in a study that will look at the effects of social media and its influence on quality of life. Specifically, it will look at the aspect of family and clinician communication, information delivery and mentoring to achieve better wellness outcomes. This study is in conjunction with Monash University School of Primary Healthcare.


"Older people 'missing out' online, but how many?
The UK Government will miss its commitment ...."


Lilla Harris blogs on the UK Government missing its 2010 Digital Inclusion targets.


Finerday highlighted in recent Mintel Report on Social Networking


This report aims to look at how social networking has changed, in particular:


- The popularity of specific platforms set up for older internet users eg SagaZone and FinerDay


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